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City:Bijelo Polje
Address:Voja Lješnjaka 44
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26 Jun 2017
The bus was spacious and had room for luggage, and it left from the same bus station as long-distance buses.
It was more expensive than the local bus from Budva to Sveti Stefan (€2 passenger plus €1 large bag, rather than €1 for passenger and bag on the Mediteran Express), and the driver only cared about reaching the destination rather than helping the passengers to get off at the right stop. Although we told the driver where we would like to get off and he acknowledged this, he then drove straight past our stop. When we realised and got up to alert him, he shouted at us and dumped us by the side of the road, quite a long way past it. I should add that I was with my pregnant wife, although he may not have noticed this as he was too busy shouting and gesticulating. In fairness, if he had called out stop names as we approached them, he might not have had the necessary energy to berate his passengers for failing to know the local geography as well as he did, and, perhaps, to encourage them to spot the non-existent written information and bus stop signs in future. Helped by a very kind security guard at the building where we unexpectedly found ourselves, we crossed the road and caught the faultless Mediteran Express in the other direction. It runs about every ten minutes for most of the day, continues until 1am and has drivers and ticket collectors who like to help you find your stop. The only disadvantage is that this bus goes along the Adriatic Highway in Budva, so the nearest stop to the main bus station is about a five-minute walk away. But if you can get an offline map on your phone, it's well worth locating. Autoprevoz Zaton should pay passengers to travel with them, at least they should have done so on the 14:15 from Budva to Sveti Stefan on 21 June 2017.
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